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What to expect in my class

I always search to reflect a true sense of empathy and meaning in the way I share my practice. Looking to create an inclusive environment with classes that aim to support and benefit each and every person. It is essential to me that everyone feels included, seen and respected. I want people leaving feeling invigorated of fresh energy at the same time that they float on a cloud of pure bliss that emanates from within. I try for every class to be a journey of self discovery and connection, while going inwards.


My classes have an interesting mix between restorative and a dynamic flow. I integrate alignment and breathing techniques while exploring creative sequencing. I seek to create a fluid rhythm through connecting breath and movement, it is in this harmony that our mind unifies to our body and we slowly go inwards with a sense of wholeness. And it is through this union that we connect truly and deeply to the world, this present moment.

We will usually start using a prop to relax the muscles around the spine, creating space. We will move from there with a gentle stretch to start to ground our body and our mind. Slowly we will start creating a flow with an intelligent sequence that will heat our body and take us to a peak moment, from where we will gently come down to our mat to do some final deep stretches and be able to lie in Shavasana in complete surrender. All this following the rhythm of our breath and listening to our body.

Always honoring the science of Yoga.


“A day will dawn when you will laugh at your past efforts. What you realize on the day you laugh is also here and now”

“You are already that which you seek”
― Ramana Maharshi



All levels welcome, 1.15 min classes

They are a small multi-level groups. Come move, breath and laugh with us :

- Tuesdays at 17:30 

- Wednesdays at 12:30

- Thursdays at 17:30


*If these timings don´t work, write to me because there is always flexibility and other groups might be in the creation.



Special class designed for you, wherever you want them

Every person is different. Needs vary between individuals and according to life situations. I love to make Yoga accessible to everyone,  and design a practice that uplifts you. Yoga in all stages of your life. 



Invite your friends and/or co-workers to do yoga at your home or office

You can have private one-on-one or small group classes in the comfort and convenience of your home or office.  This option is perfect for friends wanting to do classes together, family that want to spend some quality time, for moms that dont feel like being apart from their babies or for co-workers that would like to share something else than a job. 


Happy people = Efficient company/ More abundance

The properties of Yoga are widely known, in the context of a company it helps to raise energy levels, improves concentration and focus, as well as gives a sense of wholeness and empathy. All which support happy people that live in the present, are connected to their co-workers and feel more invested in their work place.
Contact me and we can create a special practice for your space. 


Take your yoga anywhere you go.

While traveling for work or vacations it is not always easy to find a studio that we like or is close to us. So, for you to be able to keep practicing yoga we can schedule an online session or i can send you a personalized sequence. 
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